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Air Freight

Get the reliability you need with our door-to-door air freight service to major locations around the globe. We promise global coverage with speed, flexibility and value. We offer a full range of value-added service options for convenient and simple air freight shipment processing of palletized or loose shipments.

Benefit of Air Freight

  • The fastest shipping method
  • Highly reliable arrival and departure times
  • Send your cargo almost anywhere
  • Low insurance premium means large savings
  • High level of security and reduced risk of theft and damage

More information

Less need for warehousing and fewer items in stock
With the quicker transit times of air freight, you have less need for local warehousing and do not need to keep items in stock. Customs clearance, cargo inspection and cargo handlers are more efficient, as most cargo is cleared within a matter of hours.
Less packaging required
Normally, air shipments require less heavy packing than for example ocean shipments. This means that you save both time and money to provide service for additional packing.
Follow the status of your cargo
ASAS Logistics & Shipping LLC give you the opportunity to track your goods using a web application, which means you can monitor the status of your cargo from departure to arrival to keep constantly updated.

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